AMA es una fundación sin fines de lucro dedicada al arte contemporáneo. Desde su inicio en 2008, nuestra misión ha sido apoyar la producción, difusión e investigación en torno a las artes visuales.


Santiago, Chile

mayo 2020

In an interview with Arte Informado, Juan Yarur, Founder and President of the Fundación AMA, addresses the crisis that currently the planet is experiencing from the perspective of collecting and culture; today, Yarur says, "we have a responsibility to generate even more content, to create legacy, and to spread it widely." Here we leave the interview through the media to Juan Yarur: ARTEINFORMADO (AI): In these uncertain times, what message of encouragement and confidence would you like to convey to all operators and actors in the art world? Juan Yarur (JY): I think it is important to remember that throughout the history of humanity, we have been able to observe that as a result of the great changes and challenges, it is from where the great ideas, the great avant-gardes and also the new discourses that accompany and enhance the new eras. Art has always had a fundamental role in the resilience of the human being: it allows us to observe and approach the world from another perspective and at the same time connect with emotions and from that place, it helps us understand these new realities in a better way. It is time to open your mind and creativity to adapt all to the

En entrevista con Arte Informado, Juan Yarur, Fundador y Presidente de Fundación AMA, aborda la actual crisis que está viviendo el planeta desde la perspectiva del coleccionismo y la cultura; hoy, dice Yarur "tenemos la responsabilidad de generar aún más contenido, de crear legado y difundirlo ampliamente". A continuación les dejamos la entrevista por el medio a Juan Yarur: ARTEINFORMADO (AI): En estos momentos de incertidumbre, ¿qué mensaje de ánimo y de confianza le gustaría trasladar a todos los operadores y actores del mundo del arte? Juan Yarur (JY): Creo que es importante recordar que a lo largo de la historia de la humanidad, hemos podido observar que a raíz de los grandes cambios y desafíos es de donde han surgido las grandes ideas, las grandes vanguardias y también los nuevos discursos que acompañan y potencian las nuevas eras. El arte siempre ha poseído un rol fundamental en la resiliencia del ser humano: nos permite observar y plantear el mundo desde otra perspectiva y al mismo tiempo conectarnos con emociones y desde ese lugar, nos ayuda a entender estas nuevas realidades de mejor manera. Es momento de abrir la mente y la creatividad para adaptarnos todos a los cambios que están sucediendo y aquellos que vendrán. AI: ¿Cómo

In 2019 Juan Yarur Torres was recognized by ArtNews as one of the top collectors in the world. This 2020, Larry´s List, the leading platform in knowledge of the art market, focused its attention again on the President and Founder of Fundación AMA to do an interview that addresses aspects of his collection, its relationship with art and the activities carried out through the AMA. The conversation addresses various dimensions of Juan Yarur's work as a collector and philanthropist, a perspective that has been highlighted with recognitions such as ArtNews 50under50, the Montblanc Prize, or his participation in the board of museums such as MoMA or Tate. In this way, the medium highlights its vocation for Latin American art, especially Chilean, which through Fundación AMA has managed to lead such prominent spaces as MoMA, Tate, Guggenheim, The Met, among others, or more recently to the Biennial of Berlin, our next project. In this way, Juan Yarur joins today a long list of important collectors, who, through The Talks section, address the different dimensions of their work as collectors; thus, characters such as Kevin Poon, Robert Suss, Susi Kenna or Alan Lo have opened their collections and perspectives in this section to let

In 2018, the Fundación AMA and the International Center for the Arts of the Americas (ICAA) at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, (MFAH), began collaborating on a research project that would allow them to start with the final stage of review, editing and translation of selected Chilean documents for the digital archive of Documents of Latin American and Latin Art of the ICAA-MFAH. Today, two years after the start of that process and thanks to the work of two Chilean researchers -Luz Muñoz and Sebastián Valenzuela-, the project sees the light with the launch of the new ICAA website. The redesigned platform more accurately reflects the Center's interdisciplinary activities, events, and the program Latin American Art Documents (ICAA Document Project). The site provides direct and immediate access to the more than 8,000 primary sources and critical texts that make up the ICAA Document Project. Furthermore, the platform allows users to navigate by "author", "title", "date" and "subject"; save your results in a "my documents" section; and share them with friends and colleagues. In addition, the platform enables ICAA researched partners to upload materials from primary sources directly to the site, significantly expanding the retrieval process that is a core function of