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Santiago, Chile


New edition of the book La Manzana de Adán by Paz Errázuriz and texts by Claudia Donoso, originally published in 1990. It offers an expanded edition of the series of photographs taken by Errázuriz between 1982 and 1987 inside the transvestite brothels of the cities of Santiago and Talca. Considered an essential reference for photography studies in Chile, this volume includes the original images in black and white, and unpublished color photographs that provide other textures on the visual explorations of clandestine sexuality in the midst of a military dictatorship. Errázuriz's images capture the intimacy of dissonant bodies for the regime of the time, transvestites during the day and night, contrasting the cosmetics of scars with the affective complicities of a stigmatized marginality. This reissue offers the possibility of observing and rethinking the notions of sexual identity, sharply bringing the fascinating and disturbing validity of the visual and textual work of La Manzana de Adán. Author: Paz Errazuriz | Publisher: Fundación Ama | Subject: Fotografía | Year: 2015 | Language: Español | Pages: 200 | Dimensions: 31 x 24 cm | Isbn13: 9789569558009