AMA es una fundación sin fines de lucro dedicada al arte contemporáneo. Desde su inicio en 2008, nuestra misión ha sido apoyar la producción, difusión e investigación en torno a las artes visuales.


Santiago, Chile

About FAMA

FAMA is a non-profit foundation dedicated to the development of art and culture. Based in Santiago, Chile, it was founded in 2008 by our President Juan Yarur,  member of internationally renowned museum committees, such as MET and MoMA.

That year, Juan Yarur Torres created Beca AMA (AMA Grant), –in honour of his father Amador– as an initiative that would promote and enable Chilean artists to make connections during art residencies abroad.  Thus, Fundacion AMA was founded in order to bring together all of the work that Mr. Yarur realizes as an arts patron.

For more than 12 years we have developed and sponsored several international artistic residency programs such as GASWORKS (UK) RIAA (Arg.), FLORA ARS NATURA (Co) and currently UCLA Visiting Professors Grant. In this line of work, we also support national and international archival programs such as the ICAA and Houston Museum of Fine Arts, and in-house research on artist Francisco Copello.

A fundamental part of our work in Fundacion AMA is to bring Chilean Art and the world closer, therefore the main mission of the Foundation is to generate networks between national and international cultural agents. Since the foundation of FAMA, besides generating artistic residencies, we have supported art exhibitions both in Chile and abroad by sposoring artists and lending pieces of our collection to different Cultural Institutions. Also, for Fundacion AMA another important way to support the process of Chilean art internationalization is the donation of artworks to well-renowned International Cultural Institutions.


Fundación AMA considers art, academic research and its artists as a fundamental engine for national and international culture. It is through the support, exhibition and promotion of art and culture that FAMA manages to leave an important mark in the world of international art.

In the future, we want to continue setting precedents in the cultural world through the development of new scholarships for artists, research and through the generation of archives that expand knowledge of art, nationally and internationally. Furthermore, we want to be a model for contemporary collecting, which respects both works and artists through cataloging models that adapt to new platforms, thus promoting sustainable and responsible collecting practices.

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